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NSA Facial Recognition Points

Live Free from Dusk till Dawn!

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Face hiding Cap

Justice Caps announced today that it has released the first of eleven products.

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your last, best defense against illegal NSA video surveillance.

Jeff Rense.com Interview:
2013-01-25 with Justice Caps

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Stay invisible!

Howdy Folks!
Today I have a short review on a product the fine folks at Justice Caps

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Technical Privacy Safeguards For Facial Recognition
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The Justice Cap proprietary IR technology
Justice Caps blind “night-vision” and “low-light” video surveillance cameras, blocking the NSA face recognition software ("trapwire") used worldwide today.
Justice Caps blocks the linking of people’s faces to the NSA database, tying them into their phone records, tax returns, etc.
By “blinding” video surveillance cameras, and blocking the NSA’s ability to match faces with personal data, Justice Caps defeats this multibillion-dollar spy network, and allows citizens to live “big-brother free” from the preying eyes of spy agencies and government oversight into their daily personal lives, where they have no business.

At JusticeCaps.com we believe that justice is freedom
Freedom means living free.
Did you know that every time you leave your home you are being watched?
Video cameras on every street corner, in every shopping mall, in every supermarket are watching you.
And now, thanks to the US government's million billion dollar software program - called TrapWire, the government is tracking your every move.
By using the latest in facial recognition software with along with TrapWire, your face is being matched with your name.