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At JusticeCaps.com we believe that justice is freedom, and that freedom means living free.

Did you know that every time you leave your home you are being

Video cameras on every street corner, in every shopping mall, in every supermarket are watching you.

And now, thanks to the US government's million billion dollar software program - called TrapWire, the government is tracking your every move.

By using the latest in facial recognition software with along with TrapWire, your face is being matched with your name.

And all the illegally collected records that the bankers have on you - are all being tied together - and they can find you - whenever they want.

Because now - you are trapped!

Because now they know your face, and they know your name.
Now you are no longer a person.

You are a number.

You are the property of the bankers.

You have NO rights. You have NO freedoms.

There will be NO justice for you.

But now imagine - what if you could hide in plain sight?

Imagine you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want, with anyone you want, and no banker will every know your name?

At JusticeCaps.com we give you the ability to hide in plain site, and no video camera can record your face.

Wearing your Justice Cap with our "Anti-Cam" technology - you have rendered the US government's multibillion-dollar facial recognition software useless.

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And if TrapWire cannot find you? You are now free. Now is the time to defend yourself! Now is the time to protect yourself! Now is the time to fight back against illegal video surveillance!

Because now you can Hide in plain sight! And you can be free! Go anywhere you want, with whoever you want, and no one will ever know its you!

So visit us today at justicecaps.com

Our motto: "No Violence - Defiance!"

Believe in Justice!

And be free!

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Hide in plain sight from video cameras: Live Free! Live Defiant from ‘dusk until dawn!’


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